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    Couple of Things.

    Hey there,

    I am running a Teamspeak 3 Server off of my CentOS Linux server and I have people using it across clients of Windows, Mac and Linux. We have all noticed when people get done talking Teamspeak tends to make this weird noise, which I hate to be rude, but it sounds like everyone farts after they are done talking. Now I've tried changing the codecs from the highest 48k to 16k and it still does it.

    The server is on a 100mbps connection with 4gb of ram so I do not think it is a server issue.

    Second, I was wondering if there would be a CELT 48k Stereo codec or something to that equivalent added sometime in the future. The sound quality is nice, but it doesn't fully add up to the 48k codec of Ventrilo, im not sure if that is because theirs is stereo or if because the TS bitrate is lower than that of vent. Maybe GSM 6.10 Codec could be added, thats 44Khz 16-bit and that sounds a lot better than the current 48K CELT.

    Third, I have also seen a lot of bottle-necking like the information from clients to the server is being lost, ive checked everything on my server and in the TS setup and we still notice people just get choppy, lag out or timeout. We've tested this on a 16, 32 and 48k codecs and it does it every once and awhile on all of them.

    Thanks For Your Time,
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