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    Is teamspeak safe enought to use?

    Is teamspeak really that safe?i use my laptop to do online banking as well so i just want to make sure that teamspeak is 100% safe. Thanks in advance.
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    Safe enough for what?
    For normal use? Yes it is.

    You may rent your own server, most server admins could see your ip.
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    There are a lot programs on your computer that are more vulnerable than TS3. As far as I know, there have not been any bugs more serious than crashes.

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    The Teamspeak client is not less or more secure than any other application that connects to some service in the internet. It's a decent application that is as safe to use as any browser, cloud application, music streaming service, etc. is safe to use. It's probably safer than most, because its functionality is somewhat limited to only one use case (voip communication), so the target for exploits is much smaller than for example a browser.

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    There's no such thing as 100% safety. Even if you use OS with open source code (compiled by someone else, mind you!), the BIOS and many other parts of your system remains a large unknown.
    It is only as safe as it is. No more.

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