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    Security level. huh?

    I just don't get it :S
    All it does is just a sort of rank, you only can see and not other players?
    It makes it more painfull to get banned because you want the security level as high again?

    But where do you need your high security level for? Useless?
    Does it protect your ID from being hacked?

    I already red the other topics on this.

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    The security level is meant for the following situation:

    You ban an annoying/misbehaving guest from your server. Now, you might think, that he can never return. However, only his identity key has been banned. He can still create a new identity and reconnect to your server and start to mess around.

    In order to prevent this, you might consider increasing the security level of your server. Setting it to a value of, say 23, you have to wait ~ 37 seconds until you reach this security level when starting with a new identity (using an identity that already has the correct security level will allow an immediate connection). While the bugger still can reconnect to your server with a newly generated identity, he has to wait some time until he can reconnect. The idea is that he will lose interest after some time if it takes him too long to reconnect after each ban.

    Think of the identities as a online activation key and of the TS3 client as an application with included key-generator.

    However, do not set the security level of your server to values over 30. Otherwise it will give you a VERY long waiting period until you can connect to your own server. Increasing the security level by 1 step will double the waiting time. Setting the security level to 33 will cause you to wait roughly 10 hours until the security level is reached.

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    Ok, think i get it now.

    So the server admin sets a minimum for the security level to be for the users, user below that level can't connect?

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    Thats right

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    ok, 2 q's if I may?

    1. how do I set that level and where? on new users.
    I seen the channel levels but where on the default channel to stop non members from getting in, I am moving my clan from RAIDCALL
    to ts3 for gaming... i get the banning part of ip.we only want non members to stay in a couple of rooms till they have joined our clan in the game....

    so how? can not find a manual other then quick start.. looked at that it does not cover much but the quick start.

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    In Server settings, "security" tab you can define the security level. If you can set it depends if your hoster allows it.
    To prevent unwanted guests set a server password or restrict guest group.

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