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    [OFFline] Minimalist Text to Speech

    This Sound Pack is similar to the Default Text to Speech pack, but is much less verbose. Some of the notifications have been disabled entirely, such as the notifications when somebody changes channels outside of your own channel. Other notifications have been shortened to a minimal level of chattiness -- channel joins just say "John Smith joined", for example.

    This pack is also set as editable, so you can edit the speech messages or re-enable any disabled notifications directly from the
    Settings->Options->Notifications screen. Just double click an entry to change it.

    To install, run the installer linked below, then go to Settings->Options->Notifications in TS3 and choose 'Minimalist Text to Speech' from the Sound Pack dropdown.


    I've also attached the pack as a zip file, if you don't trust exe files; extract to C:\Program Files\TeamSpeak 3 Client\sound.

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    very good, should be default in ts3.

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    Thumbs up

    Good Job !

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    This is a fantastic package, thankyou so much!

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    Exclamation TS3 Problem Triangle error

    For all Recruitment Officers that have a Yellow Error bottom of Teamspeak 3

    Tweet Topic!

    Ok if you see a yellow triangle at the bottom of teamspeak and are using Minimalist text to speech, I've looked over now that i have some time and fixed the issue so it wont error on you, just follow my very simple instructions or seek help from me on TS3 if you have any problems with my instructions:
    This only Applies if you see 1 of the following 2 errors/warnings ...

    ClientUI Warning Invalid sound script syntax: //say(${clientname} switched channel to ${channelname}")

    ClientUI Warning Invalid sound script syntax: //say(${clientname} was moved to channel ${channelname}")

    1. Goto Setting then Options on teamspeak

    2. In there click on Notifications, Then click the little plus/addition symbol next to client, Then click plus/addition symbol next to Switched, Then Click plus/addition symbol next to To Different Channel.

    3. At this stage you should be looking at the 3 lines that are causing the above error and ones we will change together, you should be looking at the same 3 lines in picture below...

    3.5. Please also note that the same exact 3 lines need to be changed in the Moved Section Also at, click the little plus/addition symbol next to client, Then click plus/addition symbol next to Moved, Then Click plus/addition symbol next to To Different Channel.

    4. Now heres a closer look at the 3 lines of text below and then a picture after the lines have been changed, all that is needed is remove the 2 // at the start of each of the 3 lines and add a " before the 1st $ Sign ... see below ... Moved Section as well, so thats,

    Before the Changes Above ... Below after the Changes

    5. So to recap quickly, you had to remove both // at the start of all 3 lines and add a " before the 1st $ Sign.

    6. Click Apply Then Ok and our finished this tutorial to fix Minimalist Errors.

    now ive explain how to can resolve it.
    whenever you close teamspeak or disconnect.
    the settings will be automaticly change back and you still get the error.
    i was asking if there is a possibility if this can be fixed.

    we ty for your time to read this consider to contact me on our website.
    Last edited by dante696; August 24th, 2011 at 09:09 AM.

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    this issnt the problem that is gonna solve ive install that sound pack and ofc select that.

    i still get that yellow triangle right down at bottom of teamspeak with error

    this is how it stands now

    and this is how it should look do the trick

    Everytime i close ts open it again or even DC and go back it removes the " again from that (see picture)
    is that possible to get a update of ts3 tho make that trick work coz its kinda annoying to get those errors.

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    I tried the download link for the Minimalist.exe installer and the link goes to a dead page. So I can't download it.
    I really need this installer because when I put the soundpack in the correct place. It doesn't show as a sound pack to choose from in TS3. Can some one post a link to the installer that works please.

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    Can you please link .exe again, it leads to a dead page

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