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    Black Box


    I created my own TeamSpeak 3 Server, got the Authentication Token and everything, but I closed the Black Box when you first start. Once everything was going good, no one could connect to my server, and someone told me you're not supposed to close the Black Box.... is their anything at all I can do to get my server going now that the Black Box is gone, or will I have to start all over, or am i just screwed?

    Thanks In Advance.

    Sincerely, TaTerToT

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    What black box ?
    Could you be more specific.

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    When you first enter into the downloaded files, and run the application, a black box will appear, showing the admin password, the authentication token, ect. - (3:14) It Shows There.

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    But this tuto is really old (there is message for that) and it's for a very old server version.
    Please download the last version.
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