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    [FIXED] file transfer timeout problem

    Hey guys, I was experiencing problems with the file transfers always timing out. I had the files folder set to chmod 777, and the latest beta (5), and all virtuell server/server group/channel group permission set to -1 for quota, bandwidth and anything related to file transfers.

    Then I got the idea to look in my mysql database myself if there is a setting I can still change. And I found the problem.

    The teamspeak3 server seems to look up virtual server id 0, even if the running virtual server has the id 1.
    and this virtual server had the download bandwidth set to something extremly low so it would timeout.

    Solution, execute this in your teamspeak database (sqlite or mysql):

    UPDATE server_properties SET value=-1 WHERE ident='virtualserver_max_download_total_bandwidth';
    UPDATE server_properties SET value=-1 WHERE ident='virtualserver_max_upload_total_bandwidth';
    UPDATE server_properties SET value=-1 WHERE ident='virtualserver_download_quota';
    UPDATE server_properties SET value=-1 WHERE ident='virtualserver_upload_quota';
    This sets everything to -1

    Now restart your teamspeak3 server !

    I hope this helps you Greetings ~Berni
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    These 4 values can be changed via

    -Right click your server name
    -Edit Virtual Server
    -Click MORE bottom left
    -Transfers Tab

    If these values are greyed out you have not elevated your access level to 100 and into the (Admin Server Query) Group.

    Obviously you can bypass this with a direct database edit but then you have not given yourself the access of the (Admin Server Query) group and therfore may cause you issues down the line.


    Once you start a server not only do you need to add your long token via PERMISIONS --> USE TOKEN you need to elevate yourself into the (Admin Server Query) Group using the Query Tool.

    The long token only gives you access to that one server, But elevating yourself to (Admin Server Query) basicaly makes you a global (all servers) admin.

    Please see this post for how to properly do it without guerilla hacking at your database manualy. The TS team made this fully configurable through the front end for a reason, there should be NO NEED to CHMOD, CHOWN or any fancy stuff on the back end.

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    erm KoldFusion, you should really read my post again, it's a teamspeak3 bug, the teamspeak reads the value from virtual serverid 0 instead of id 1. that's why so many people are complaining about timesouts even tho they have level 100 and all download/upload permission everywhere set to -1.
    The only alternative way to my fix is completely deleting the database and installing it again.

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