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    Question [bug]? tokenadd keeps adding 2 tokens

    when I use "tokenadd tokentype=0 tokenid1=(groupid) tokenid2=0"
    it always creates 2 tokens, but only prints one.

    anyone know why it creates 2? I verified the command is only sent once, but each time the command is sent once it creates 2 tokens on the Token Manager view, and tokenlist.

    very strange

    +add: I checked the .log file and it too reports one addition, but 2 new appear every time
    (added token for servergroup 'Server Admin') just one entry

    this is looking like a bug of some sort for "tokenadd"

    MORE INFO: I switched to another server and it is not doing the duplicate add tokens, im not sure what it is about this particular virtualserver instance that keeps double tokening.
    I did add dozens of tokens, then removed them, and then it started to double.
    A fresh server doesnt seem to replicate the same bug, hmm
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    per log entry i do only one insert, so this sounds indeed quite strange.
    you are using sqlite?

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