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    Creating Subchannels / Channels

    The right for creating subchannels depend on the right to create channels; should be independent.

    I.e. When "Create sub-channels" is set to true but "Create permanent channels", "Create semi-permanent channels" and "Create temporary channels" are not set the creation of subchannels will result in an error message e.g. "insufficient client permissions (gescheitert an b_channel_create_temporary (12871/0x3247))"

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    I agree.

    So there should be a rule (or two) added "Create permanent sub-channels" and "Create semi-permanent sub-channels". This would be very handy in certain situations...

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    i got the solution I was all night, just before sleeping, to imagine how to solve this problem/bug,I designed this solution specifically to my public server so I do not know if it will help,so,this is my solution step by step:
    - Setting the possibility of ChannelAdmins to create Sub-Channel and Termporary Channel.
    - Denying editing of the permanent and semi-permanent channel to Guest (do not "denied" but dont put anything in the permission system).
    - Set the editing of the channel in permanent or semi permanent at Channel Admins.
    - Edit Virtual Server: Bottom Left - More - Misc - Default Groups: Channel Admin Groups: Guest (8)

    In this way if a Channel Admin create a sub-channel in his Channel Family he can edit it to "Termporary Channel" at "Permanent Channel" but if a Channel Admin create a Channel he can't edit it in "Permanent Channel" becouse he automatically becomes "guest (8)" in the new channel.
    Please note that only the Channel Admin can create unregistered channels.

    I hope that is at least understandable, English is not my native language.
    I also hope that this "tips" is to your liking and helpful.


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