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    Lightbulb [Feature Request] No operation serverquery command

    The serverquery commands are powerfull tools for changing your server programmatically. The library option in the client's serverquery dialog box could be easily used to share serverquery scripts for pre-defined actions (e.g. setting standard clan permissions, writing a "default" server setup, etc.).

    In order to make such scripts even more usable, I would like to have a "do-nothing" command that can be used to comment the serverquery scripts. This would make it much easier to explain what is being done and where/and how to modify a script to adjust it to your needs.

    This might even be implemented just on the client side without any need for protocol changes. The serverquery window in the client had just to ignore all lines that e.g. start with '#' so that those would not be sent to the server.

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    agreed.. something like

    //Use this to login//
    login serveradmin Password

    i think it should ignore the //'s

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