1. I allowed my users to browse the files of a channel, but they can't open the file browser (with "they" I mean me joining under a different identity). I set the following rights for the user servergroup:
it_ft_file_download_power (50)
i_ft_file_browse_power (50)
it_ft_quota_download_per_client (-1)
it_ft_quota_upload_per_client (-1)

They still can't open the file browser. In earlierer versions this was possible.

2. All my channels do not have any "needed permission" in the File Transfer category set. This means every user even if he hadn't the above mentioned permissions can use the File Transfer system? It seems that he still needs them. This is a little confusing because you can talk in a channel even without talk power if the channel have no "needed talkpower" permission.