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Thread: Updates

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    I have installed on my root server a TeamSpeak 3 server, everything's going great, even the none of the profit license was super easy, but nn my question:

    Every time I was uploading an update at the moment is so very often are all the settings I made on the TS (channels, groups, etc.) everything away, it is very annoying when you again and again, everything has to recreate it. I use the folder or the like where all data should be secured in there and after playing games on the updates back, so I do not always have to re-create everything? If so, it would be glad shr, if someone says exactly what I have to save. Or can I just back up everything?

    Excuse for my bad English!

    Thanks [email protected]

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    Hello all,

    i have the same Problem.
    I created some groups, channels and modified them on different servers. Also there are some users in different groups. Now, how can i update the server (atm Beta3) to (Beta5) without loosing all the Settings ?

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    As long as your ts3server.sqlitedb file get not destroyed, it should work. To be sure just create a backup of it (and maybe of the files folder, if you have files or avatar images uploaded).

    On linux I just overwrite the server installation with the tar.gz content.

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