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    ts3plugin_configure(void* handle)


    As i am curious to develop programs in C/C++ (I have a Java/C#/AS3 background), i'm trying to develop a small plugin for teamspeak3. It's all going pretty good so far. However i want to provide the end user with the ability to change some of the settings.

    I've read some documentation about Qt and tried (re)creating some sample apps on how to create GUI's.

    The callback "ts3plugin_configure(void* handle)" offers me the ability to implement my custom GUI. I do however not know what to do with the handle. Can somebody provide me with some details on what to do with the handle, or point me in the right direction? Do i need to cast it to some Qt class? If so, wich one?

    Thanks in advance,

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    If you uses the same Qt version (and the same compiler), you can ignore the handle.

    So if you create a modal dialog, it will be modal to the plugins dialog.

    Btw: The parameter is the handle of the plugin dialog and has nothing to do with Qt.

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    Now i use a different version of Qt, it is working. Thanks!

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