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    Custom Sound Packs & Inactive Channel Switch

    There are a couple features I'd love to see. First is the sound packs, I would like to be able to have a mix between WAV and TTS. I like hearing client's phonetics, but I prefer the WAV sounds for everything else.

    The other feature is one from Ventrilo, where the host could set the server to move someone who hasn't talked in a while to a separate channel (An AFK channel).

    So far, I'm loving the quality and functionality of this program. Thanks.

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    Regarding custom soundpacks: The client already fully supports this.

    * Go into C:\Program Files\TeamSpeak 3 Client\sound (or whereever you installed it)
    * Copy the default folder and rename the copy to "MySoundPack" or whatever desired
    * Open MySoundPack\settings.ini and adjust the name on the top
    * Feel free to edit the file. Alternatively, if you set the readonly flag on 0 in the ini file, you can also edit the sound script directly from the client.

    An idea might be a button near the soundpack dropdown box which automates the above process. Like "Clone soundpack" or somesuch.

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