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    Issues I have been having for several updates now.

    Since teamspeak has updated a few times ago I have been having issues with my teamspeak. I occasionally get disconnected from MY server and get this message "This server is blacklisted. Refusing to connect." Even though all my friends are still in there talking without issue.

    Another issue I and others are having is when we come into the server we are in the default channel even though several times we have re-set our default channel to our private channels. When I load up my bookmark I always want to be in my room first and then move out if I want too. But with this glitch it keeps throwing me into the main default channel, ignoring the fact my personal channel is set on the bookmark as my starting channel. Then to fix it I have to press the little refresh button on the bookmark screen so it sets it to what is already is!?

    This is getting very frustrating. I don't want to be in the server's default channel when I enter for reasons...

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    We couldn't reproduce this, maybe your settings.db is write protected?

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    Where is that file located? The thing is two of my friends are having this happen to them also.

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    Just put
    into the adress bar of an explorer window and you should be there.

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