[email protected] ~/ts/TeamSpeak3-Client-linux_x86 $ ./ts3client_linux_x86 
2009-12-24 03:48:07.793662|INFO    |MPSingleton   |   | Detected local codeset to be: UTF-8
2009-12-24 03:48:07.794943|INFO    |              |   | Logging started, clientlib version: 3.0.0-beta6 [Build: 9502]
2009-12-24 03:48:08.040433|INFO    |ClientUI      |   | Failed to init text to speech engine: 3584
2009-12-24 03:48:08.040622|INFO    |ClientUI      |   | TeamSpeak 3 client version: 3.0.0-beta6 [Build: 9502]
2009-12-24 03:48:08.040694|INFO    |ClientUI      |   | Qt version: 4.5.3
2009-12-24 03:48:08.040779|INFO    |ClientUI      |   | Using configuration location: /home/ms/.ts3client/ts3clientui_qt.conf
2009-12-24 03:48:08.537378|INFO    |ClientUI      |   | Last update check was: Do. Dez 24 03:17:01 2009
2009-12-24 03:48:12.952044|INFO    |PreProSpeex   |  1| Speex version: 1.2rc1
Segmentation fault
[email protected] ~/ts/TeamSpeak3-Client-linux_x86 $
This fatal error occurs everytime I try to do anything that has something to do with sound recording, i.e. testing the microphone or just connecting to the server so ts3 tries to record my voice.

Skype works for me and TS2 work too (the linux versions of both). I'm running a Ubuntu (Mint) Linux and I'm using a USB Headset.

I did this 4 times, the kernel ring buffer log shows this:
ts3client_linux[4752]: segfault at 157423d ip b00c69e8 sp af076070 error 4 in[b0079000+c3000]
ts3client_linux[4815]: segfault at 15 ip b52839e8 sp b40fd070 error 4 in[b5236000+c3000]
ts3client_linux[5872]: segfault at 9b ip b51859e8 sp b4135070 error 4 in[b5138000+c3000]
ts3client_linux[6048]: segfault at 131d510 ip b5af99e8 sp b4a90070 error 4 in[b5aac000+c3000]
I think this is an issue with the software, so I hope that someone is going to fix this anytime.