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    One more question, though I'd say its a more general question about Webstatus Scripts for TS3.

    The possibility of Spacers are a good thing, since they allow to make a Server look much better in the Client. But as it is now, you can only have 2 options. Either you do it with Spacers so it looks nice in the Client but ugly in any Viewer script because it doesnt convert the characters or symbols right and keeps the spacer names in there as well.

    Or you can just skip spacers so it looks ok again in Webviewers but not really nice in the Client. Would really be better if both options wouldnt involve one looking ugly at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Resistant-X View Post
    Your Server ID ?
    Your Server have the ID 7.
    Your config Block:

    $tsstatus = new TSStatus("", 18001, 7);
    $tsstatus->imagePath = "img/";
    $tsstatus->decodeUTF8 = true;
    I have the same problem, but it is not related to these settings.
    I used exact the same code on two different servers (2 different providers).
    On one server it always works fine and shows the correct information, on the other server I always get the socket error.

    Is it possible that it is related to some kind of server protection system?

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