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    [bug?] Can't remove own Channel Admin

    Howdy, I went through and created all the channels for my clan's TS server. However I ran across the problem that now I am the channel Admin in every channel. While I don't mind being the channel admin in every channel (Hell I am the server admin), I'd love to remove the channel admin from myself. Like set it to guest. However whenever I try to do that, it always resets to channel admin when I leave/join. Now, while this feature was probably built in to prevent a noob from loosing his channel admin, I find it quite annoying. I have to assign channel admin to someone else, so they can strip it from me.

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    hi there,

    channel1 <--- you got here CA
    ---- sub1 <--- you got here CA (inherited!)
    ---- sub2 <--- you got here CA (inherited!)
    ---- sub3 <--- you got here CA (inherited!)

    you need to remove your CA at channel1...

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    I feel stupid now

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