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    [Suggestion] Permissions - Channel Templates

    Sorry if this was already requested

    So, I think I'm finally getting the hang of how the permissions system works. One thing that I find daunting however is the amount of channels there are in my server, and the fact that trying to assign individual permissions to each channel is overwhelming. Coupled with the fact that I might forget a permission setting on one channel that needs to be applied is not cool.

    What I think would be neat, is the ability to create a set of templates that can be stored serverside so that a user can select the permission set for that channel. There would of course be the default template, then there would be other templates with a group of settings. In the long run, I suppose it wouldn't see much daily use, but if I need to create a new channel 3 months down the road, I'd have to go through and try to remember what permissions I need to set.

    And then lets say I want to make a global change to all the channels. I could just duplicate one of the other templates, make a change, and go through and apply that template to each channel.

    Of course you would have to add some flags in so that when a user creates a channel, they are restricted to a certain set of templates or however you want to do it.

    I was going to suggest the same for Server/Channel Group templates, but I don't really see the need for them there.

    Any thoughts?

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    OMG; I can't believe nobody has yet answered to this thread.

    Yes, templates are a must, or at least the ability to copy/export/import permissions.

    If I want to create several Server Groups with increasingly more permissions, currently I have to rebuild every group from scratch instead of just copying the lower ranked groups.

    Also, not really related but then again related: channels need a setting, where they inherit (or not) the permissions of their parent channels.

    For example, have a channel with a dozen subchannels and I want to restrict File Upload/Download settings, instead of changing each channels setting individually (currently) or applying a template or recreating all channels using a template, I just set the parent channel settings and all sub-channels get the same permissions. Of course, default setting for a channel would be to inherit permissions.

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    default values for channel created by channeladmin

    Hi community, Hi developer,

    i've got the following scenario:
    my TeamSpeak Server, just have a few channel were guests can join and a lot for known users.
    I also have some Channel were a couple of users are channeladmin and can create new subchannels for their own use.
    My problem is that these channeladmins forget to set the join power and some other permissions when they create this subchannel.

    Is there a possibility that subchannel can inherit this rights from the channel above?
    Or is it possible to declare default permissions?
    or another suggestion:
    Is it possible to give special groups only the right to create channels with this specific default permission?

    i have nothing done till yet, my server version is running on windows
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    Why was it rejected?

    I have several ideas for improvements and even amendments that would make the TeamSpeak 3 client better usability and integration with all social media, other platforms etc ... However, I believe that the TeamSpeak there is no programmer can create anything you suggest.
    Always say "Rejected"

    Who rejects a great idea like the one you just proposed, can only be an old person.
    It is not for nothing that TS is so active piracy in the world and they do nothing to stop it.

    basic logic, if we can create template groups, basic server configuration and why we could not have templates for channels?

    Another tip, if we have character count, we could have an exchange of TAG, removing the [color=color] and changing to [color] text [/ color] reduction of many characters that would greatly help in the time of writing.

    Lords of TeamSpeak, evolve, innovate the VoIP world.

    MyTeamspeak was the first step.

    But a long way to improve.
    Copy improvements from other programs is not bad.

    I just think it could have option to change the server banner to the middle of the screen.

    | tools |
    | Channel list | banner |
    | Channel list | client Description |
    | Chat

    My idea:

    | Tools |
    | Banner | (centered)
    | Channel List | Description client
    | Chat

    Sorry for the bad design

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    Lightbulb Suggestion, Copying channels (inc perms and people's groups) info inside:

    What would be amazing is if you make a new permission that Server Admins get by default, so that they can right-click a channel and copy a channel to make a duplicate that has the same permissions, anyone who had channel groups in the original channel have the same groups in the duplicate.

    This would require that the person doing the copy both has the specific channel copy permission ticked and that they have the needed permission modify and channel modify powers for the original channel, so if they have free-reign to modify the original channel AND have the channel copy permission, they are able to make duplicates of channels.

    This would be fantastic for when people want to add a channel, which would need all the same permissions and acesses for people, but that would require a lot of scrutiny to ensure you add all the proper permissions as the original one had, then going checking manually who had groups assigned and assigning those people channel groups in the new duplicated channel. It is a real headache. This would make things so much easier, still provide control over who can do it. Good for small servers and especially for large servers that have discrete sections of their server for certain groups of people, as it does take quite a bit of time comparing permissions from channel to channel and assigning groups to people for each, and, every, channel.
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    I second this as it is highly inefficient and time consuming to replicate the whole permissions set of a channel or set of channels, when it would be easier to copy a predefined template as stated above.

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    This feature does exist in YaTQA (create a channel and you will be given the chance to copy properties and permissions from another one), though without channel admin stuff. I will definitely add that ASAP, as I find it a great idea. However, I got some stuff to do this evening.

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    I see this has been merged and the thread has no "to do" or "planned" or what ever status or anything. Is this something that is viable to be implemented? It seems many of us are wanting and needing this kind of feature?

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    Post #4 shows the status for that feature.

    In 2014/2015 we decided, that this will not be included.
    When sending me private messages: Please make sure to include reference link to your forum thread or post.

    TeamSpeak FAQ || What should i report, when i open a client thread?

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    This might be on the todo-list.. I think ive read it in a post here somewhere.

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    Here is a little update for this thread.

    Templates for channel won't be included. But, Inherit permissions from main into subchannels is on Todo.
    Copy a channel/server group is Todo.
    Export / Import is on list, but needs to be discussed.

    This whole suggestion got rejected already.
    Last edited by dante696; March 29th, 2015 at 04:24 PM.

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