Sorry if this was already requested

So, I think I'm finally getting the hang of how the permissions system works. One thing that I find daunting however is the amount of channels there are in my server, and the fact that trying to assign individual permissions to each channel is overwhelming. Coupled with the fact that I might forget a permission setting on one channel that needs to be applied is not cool.

What I think would be neat, is the ability to create a set of templates that can be stored serverside so that a user can select the permission set for that channel. There would of course be the default template, then there would be other templates with a group of settings. In the long run, I suppose it wouldn't see much daily use, but if I need to create a new channel 3 months down the road, I'd have to go through and try to remember what permissions I need to set.

And then lets say I want to make a global change to all the channels. I could just duplicate one of the other templates, make a change, and go through and apply that template to each channel.

Of course you would have to add some flags in so that when a user creates a channel, they are restricted to a certain set of templates or however you want to do it.

I was going to suggest the same for Server/Channel Group templates, but I don't really see the need for them there.

Any thoughts?