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Thread: Adding Music

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    Adding Music

    Hey, my team and I are running a 35 slot TS3 server, I'd like to add a channel that has music constantly playing in it, or at least while I am on the pc so when I get off TS someone else can broadcast their own music. I tired the iTunes and WMP app but failed to get it to work. Any ideas?

    Is this possible?

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    this should be possible. I once did this on a teamspeak 2 server. just set your microphone settings to either continous or voice activated in teamspeak. Then switch the recording settings for your soundcard from the microphone to wave or stereo mix or other, depending on wich are available. Then play some music! . it should be that simple. Setting the recording device is the key here.

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    But that requires my computer to be on all the time, thats not energy efficient in times like these
    there not a script out there i can upload to my server, conneting locally and streaming mp3s or shoutcast?

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