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    Server HostMSG Mode changed to "MSG and QUIT"


    I accidentally changed my servers host msg mode in the "Virtual Server Settings" to "Show msg and quit". Now I cannot get back on the server to change it anymore.
    Anytime I connect, I get the server msg as a popup and immediately disconnects

    How can I change this back?
    I am full admin with server querry, but I cannot use server querry anymore

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hitme View Post
    use telnet to connect to the server (yourip and port 10011) and setup the hostmessage to 0

    code for this in telnet is
    login serveradmin yourquerypassword
    use sid=1
    serveredit virtualserver_hostmessage_mode=0
    and login to your server as normal

    THis is how i fixed it

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