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    Securitylevel token possible ?

    I think we must have a solution, that if a user can not access an server, by not having the right securitylevel, giving him access by using a token. And after that he can every time access since he is banned from an admin

    Sorry for writing in German now:

    Also in Deutsch nun etwas genauer:
    Es existiert ein Tokengenerator bei Registrierung auf einer Website für eine community.
    Mit diesem token wird ein user, wenn er auf den zugehörigen Server will einer bestimmten Gruppe zugeordnet.

    Hat dieser User aber nicht das dementsprechende Securitylevel muss er einen weiteren Token anfordern welchen er dann bei einem derzeit noch nicht vorhandenen zusätzlichen Eingabefeld eingibt um den securitylevel für diesen server zu übergehen.

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    Well, you need to be a Server Admin to assign tokens, so why not just unban him in the first place? Besides, he actually needs to be on the server for him to be banned, which means his identity already has at least the minimum security level that the server requires.

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    rodoxLD, maybe you have missunderstood stegmuellerm (or he has write misspronouce )

    if a user can't join because of lower security level he isn't banned, but even he can't join additional to use a token. So we need a token (witch is as we know only once useable) to join only once a time (maybe to get further information ect.)

    An admin isn't avaible all the time.

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    This request would contradict the idea of the security level

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