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    TS3 Query Requests


    I'm currently making a TS3 Webinterface.

    Now I'm only making a test (Look up the Server-Version).
    But if I open the script more than once and send it some other ones who open it, the script needs to load very long after some time. It seems that the TS3 Query blocks the connection.

    It works again, if I restart the TS3 Server!

    TSł Version:
    Version: 3.0.0-beta8
    Build: 9526
    Plattform: Linux
    I think it's at the Authentification.
    If I try to login some times, it needs a long time to load!

    Yes, It's if I enter a wrong password
    id=3329 msg=connection\sfailed,\syou\sare\sbanned
    can I say that "" could not be banned?
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