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    *closed for a good reason*

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    Hide Unsubscribed Channels

    It'd be awesome to have an option to hide channels you aren't subscribed to. There is the peek inside all channels button and that could function as showing hidden channels if you would like to subscribe to them and have them appear.

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    Nice idea...

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    Discussion - Hidden Channels?

    I have to ask, please don't close this right away. After looking to see if this was possible I saw several posts for the same feature rejected. If nothing else I would just like to see if theres more support for this than previously thought.

    Here are the other threads I came across.

    My situation: My teamspeak server acts as the main communication between several different groups of clans, guilds, and other friendly users. With all the traffic during those peak hours it sure can be a real mess. Along with all those users we have channels galore for the different games and activities the community partakes in. Most channels are public and open for everyone, but some groups like my Eve Online group, it would be a big help to be able to hide the channel to clear out the channel space for the non-Eve users.
    Eve online is my largest group so I'll make that my focused example. I have a parent channel for Eve Online, followed by twenty child channels, one for each of the corporations (clans) that play in our main Alliance, followed by some community channels. Members are only allowed to access our Eve channels if they play Eve; we’re pretty serious about our spaceships.
    Every other parent channel in the server follows the same format, and depending on the popularity of the game the sub channels grow accordingly.

    To help against the fight of unused channels, members are allowed to create temporary channels this way we don't have to worry about clean up. But being as we like to have a tidy server, we still need permanent channel to keep the structure and the permissions of our server in place.

    I understand users can be hidden within channels, but I do not understand that as a solution, it then would just look like we have unused channels, what's the point of that? Being able to hide channels will allow the server to have more defined user groups. Everyone can have access to the public channels, no one would have the eye sore of seeing rows of empty channels all day.

    Even if this is rejected it would be great if channels could be locked in the non-collapsed, or folded state, so we can hide the child channels.
    To help paint a picture.

    Eve Online Parent Channel
    Eve Online Child Public Channel - Accessible by everyone
    Eve Hidden Child Channel - Private
    …. (etc) - Private
    Eve Hidden Child Channel - Private

    Guild Wars 2 Parent Channel
    Guild Wars 2 Child Public Channel - Accessible by everyone
    Guild Wars 2 Hidden Child Channel - Private
    …. (etc) - Private
    Guild Wars 2 Hidden Child Channel - Private


    Some post from other users who post towards this feature.

    HakuAnime 06-01-2010
    “I personally find it useful because if you have about 20 channels restricted to only to a certain group, the other groups don't have to waste time attempting to access it or waste time scrolling.”

    PeterW 06-01-2010
    “.... Why should one see 15 channels he will never be able to join? It's just unnecessary tree clutter. Think of it like hidden forums in a board. I am sure you have such forums in this board too.”

    xcalibur 08-01-2010
    “I also thought this idea was good. I myself have hidden forums. Having certain groups able to see certain channels would be cool.

    I currently have 45 channels but guests only have access to 3.
    Would be nice to shut all those down so they don't try to enter or see them.”

    jashan 08-01-2010
    “It's indeed sad to see this won't be implemented. After all, not showing channels that people don't have access to makes a lot of sense if you don't want to make certain parts of the channel-structure public. There simply are some use cases where you want people to see channels they can't access - and other uses cases where you don't want people to see those channels (which is why by now, pretty much every forum software supports either hiding forums you can't access completely; or showing those forums even if you can't”actually access them).”

    I am sure there's more to say on both sides, looking forward to the potential discussion.
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    Hide Rooms

    Hello Teamspeak,
    Could it be possible if there was a permission, so people couldn't see specific rooms?
    Instead of deleting them, then they just wouldn't be visible to other players.
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