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    Linux instructions at appear to have worked after some tweaking. Close thread.
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    First of the thread is about losing the Server Admin group. Not about the Query password.
    I merged this thread into the right one.

    It's desired that there is no ts3server.ini file. This file is only needed to modify default parameters.

    Don't know what file is.
    The right command on server start would be
    ./ inifile=ts3server.ini
    ./ serveradmin_password=new_password
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    IT's a custom script that refers to the actual ts3 server script. Using the correct commands like you've shown I was able to set a new serveradmin password, then telnet in to server to generate a new secure serveradmin password, then using that generate a new privilege token for myself. I now have full control of my server again. Thanks.

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    Query details lost! admin user name and password

    Hello, I forgot my query port that I changed long time ago, but now looking in ts3server.ini reveals it is back to default 10011, but when I try logging in via yatqa it doesn't allow me to see anything.

    How can I find my admin user name and password?
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    Quote Originally Posted by R. Ludwig View Post
    you could also start the server with command line serveradmin_password=yournewpassword
    Accept it is not working. I've tried it several times and have been unable to change the password with the above suggestion.

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    It works. I just recovered a server this way.
    Fix your hands, perhaps?

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