Used Client: 3.0.0-Beta7
Don't panic - it's just a beauty-issue.

If I click with right mousebutton on a server tab to open the context menu it just works fine and I am able to work with it. But whatever I do for closing the menu - like pressing esc, clicking on a menu point or clicking with the right or left mousebutton anywhere at the programme it opens up the context menu right where I am pointing at with the mouse EXCEPT the server tab context menu. Even if I click like 5 times with right mouse button on a server tab - the correct context menu only appears at first click.
If the only problem would be just not being able to reopen the server tab context menu with one click - fine. But that it reopens any context menu EVERYTIME is quite annoying.

For any quick solutions I would be thankful. If it is me who is the problem's source I am sorry. For anything else: hope it will be fixed

So far ...