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    serverquery use, why?

    I was wondering: what exactly do you use the server query for?

    i'm running a teamspeak server on a local computer wich is turned on 24/7. My guess is that server query is needed for a remotely hosted server or something?

    I also run a website on that same computer. showing teamspeak on that website is something i want to look into. Is that where you need the server query for?

    Administrating the server can be done through the client software. So what is the benefit here?

    please enlighten me.

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    The serverquery is mainly for GSP's (Game Serv-(er/ice) Provider) which have TS3 as an extra server on a different machine and they want to integrate everything in their website.

    Besides that you can easily login on every virtual server you are hosting, and with GSP's that could go in hunderds, besides logging in on every virtual server respectively.

    Second, you are only able to create additional virtual servers true the queryserver if i am not mistaken.

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    Most needed of course for website scripts like TS Viewer or web user management.

    But by default you have not the full admin rights as server admin (grant 75). The server query account has full admin rights (grant 100). So you have to do some things as server query admin (if you are also the host of the server).

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    WEBadmin interface will make a use of telnet for sure.

    and "3rd party" scripts(or addons/plugins if you wanna call it that way, back in times of TS2 ts2permod was more like that.)

    other detail is that you dont need to use telnet/putty whatever.
    if you are [S] just use TeamSpeak3 client, there is (Tools>)serverQuery build inside you just type in commands(including login!) and run them.

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    Thumbs up

    thanks for the fast replies. It is clear to me now.

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