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    Any way to set default phonetic names or comment system?

    Hey, is there any way to setup teamspeak 3 so that people automatically have phonetic names instead of having to set them? I wish to be able to have people join the server and me hear their name without making them setup a phonetic name.

    And also, side question. Is there any way to set some sort of comment, like ventrilo has?

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    People don't have to have a Phonetic Nickname setup for you to hear. As long as you have the soundpack "Default Text To Speech" selected, then you will hear their name. Now I use the Phonetic on my name because I use clan tags and if no Phonetic is set than it says "equals JB equals Mortician"... so I set my Phonetic to say our clan name "JitBag".

    And no comment option like in Ventrilo... though I would like to see that

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