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    I think that the permission system is file, logical and has certain resons to be used. The real problem is the usage. I claim that if the permission will be simple accessible from the context menu for every user or channel, it will be enough.

    Right now why do I need to see the items I cannot use?

    Also I want to obtain all the permissions fo the sedrveradmin user. Is there a simple way to do that instead of listing all of them by id (where can I obtani the ids?) in a serverquery window?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mvdstroom View Post
    Thats also my problem. The history of usernames should be stored somewhere. What if somebody decides to log onto my server with a different username everytime. Because of the unique ID he will get the proper rights, but on a busy server, it's difficult to keep track of who is who.
    You can when you give permissions to someone drag them to your contacts. Then set a custom nickname for that contact. Set the "Nickname display" option to "custom name and nickname". The you will always see the name you gave them and the name they defined for this connection.

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    I too felt as the OP did on needing more simplified permissions but after digging around in the program and in these forums I've found answers to nearly every question I had. I do like the new system and I understand why they've gone to tokens and unique user ids. I've had first hand experience of script kiddies joining my clan's TS2 server and annoying the hell out of us. They once seized complete control of the server!

    You've already got by default 3 server groups and 4 channel groups (which look just like TS2). Since I've got a small clan we merely made a few modifications to the original 3 server groups and some channel permissions.


    Server Admin - All admins (don't really need to make changes but can tweak if needed)

    Normal - Renamed it Clan Members (tweak this to allow members whatever you want. I believe the ability to kick is included so you may want to remove that)

    Guest - made it so guests can only enter specific channels and cannot poke/send text messages.

    Just because you have the option to use the permissions provided does not mean you have to use them or even need to use them. Pick and choose what you want to use to make your server work the way you want!

    Here are a few posts that may help you wrap your head around the new system. Google is also your friend! (server setup) (serveradmin a.k.a. super admin) (change serveradmin password) (permissions document) (export ID)

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    Do we get permission inheritance for sub channels in future ? Even TS2 had this function, so please bring this again to TS3 as well...

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    Its already suggested and on the todo-list, according to Dante.

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