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Thread: Annoying echo

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    Annoying echo

    I first tried to fix this myself but it doesn't seem to work. I have a Creative Fatal1ty headset on a Creative Soundblaster Audigy 2 ZS and running Windows XP with the latest TS3 release that is on the main site and I keep getting a huge echo that drowns out most of the other sounds, from games and other people in TS while I am talking.

    I tried the echo reduction and putting the dB way high and the dB down to 0, tried the advanced settings, turning them on and off, changing the capture mode etc but nothing seems to work. To have it somewhat manageable I have to turn off the mic boost in Windows with the side effect that if there is some sound in the game people aren't able to hear me and I still get a little echo feeding back to me.

    And as soon as I exit TS3 all echo is gone

    Anyone have any idea how to turn this annoying echo off?

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    XP by default is not configured correctly, you have to go in your windows sound configuration (little speaker near the clock in systray bar)

    go in Options > Properties
    (first check that advanced options is checked in that same menu)

    Choose your soundcard in the list > In the adjust volume box choose play (first option) to adjust the volume of what you hear > in the last box @ the bottom check everything > click OK

    You'll have a mix table of everyting that produce sound on your computer, to delete the echo permanently you just have to mute "microphone" this way it will not replay in your speaker letting your hear an echo when you talk, mute "what you hear" too.

    By default XP record & replay the micro that's silly.

    Hope i was clear, sorry for the typo & grammar errors ^^

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