I've already created another thread to this problem, but I deleted it, because I've found out that this bug I'm talking about is caused by something different...

I'm running the linux server x86 on ubuntu 8.04 and there's still a bug with filetransfers.
Files which are larger than 1.5 GiB (I'm not sure) cannot be downloaded with the current client version. I've checked my server configuration and the filepermissions. Everything is fine: Download quota is set to -1 (server config and group/channel config) and the user on which the server is running has file read permissions... So I think there should be no problem, but when you try to download these files, this error occures: "file not found" and after a while you'll get a timeout... All other files with the same permission attributes but which are smaller can be downloaded without any problems.
So tell me: Am I doing something wrong with the server configuration?

And btw: Downloading multiple files in a download queue is really annoying
I mean the msg "file transfer complete" for every file. This should be changed to just one msg when finishing the queue.

I've discovered another bug: There's a problem with saving data to the mysql db. After editing a channel with a larger description it will not be fully saved to the db, because it will be cropped at the 255th char :/
The server accepts those changes and keeps those, but when you perform a restart the cropped version will be loaded...
I think it's not unusual for a channel description to be larger than 255 chars (eg. server rules)