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    Our voices echo back from another player

    Hello, I set up ts3 beta 7 server and have several people connecting to it just fine. However, when one particular player (lets call him Jim) connects everyone hears echos. When I talk, the light on Jim's slot lights up and I hear my own words. When someone else talks, I hear them and again Jim's slot lights up and I hear them echoed from his connection.

    I had him check echo cancellation in the capture options and there was no difference. I then though maybe I had to set echo cancellation, but that didn't seem to work either. So I guess I need to understand how it's supposed to be used.

    We had this problem with ts2 as well, I was hoping that the improvements in ts3 would fix the issue. BTW Jim says he's using a cheap headset. I believe Jim is running Vista.

    What else can we do to solve the issue?

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    This is not a problem with the software, it's a problem with the settings.

    Make sure that the Capture device is set to Microphone, not to "What you hear" or something.

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    Jim has to look for stereomix in his windows sound settings. If enabled, disable it!

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    Yeah, you can set windows to echo the mic input back out the speakers on many sound cards. Make sure nothing like that is happening. Also make sure Jim isn't using the mic on the headset, but playing his TS audio out of his desk speakers. The mic could be picking that up.

    Lastly, if it's a really cheap set of headsets, I've seen some where there was some crosstalk between the mic and earpiece wires. If that's the case, he might be able to adjust TS's voice activation threshold so that it activates when he's talking, but not while you are talking.

    If none of the above works, he'll probably have to use push-to-talk to avoid the problem. Or get a better headset.

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