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    Unable to kick Admin


    I am unable to kick an Admin with lvl 75.
    The error msg:
    <21:12:38> insufficient client permissions (gescheitert an i_client_needed_kick_power (21145/0x5299))
    I dont understand why? The settings appear to be correct:
    I am ServerQUerry admin:

    Server_Admin (75) i_client_needed_kick_power = 75
    i_client_kick_power = 75

    Admin Server Query =
    i_client_kick_power= 100
    i_client_needed_kick_power = 100

    Why cant I kick another SA?

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    Check the effective permissions of the Admin Server Query client and the Server Admin client:

    Right-click on the client and select Permissions -> Permissions Overview -> Expand the "All" node at the very bottom. This will show you the effective permissions that are the combination of all server group/channel/client permissions.

    You can filter the permissions by entering "kick" into the filter input box at the very top.

    *EDIT*: Not sure, but check also the parameter b_client_ignore_bans. Maybe it's also prohibiting kicks.

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    thats not it

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