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    Background Process Without Root?

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    Please don't use this outdated script anymore! The script got an overhaul long time ago.
    Please use the minimal or startscript instead

    Dear TS community,

    I am running TS3 on a VPS without root access (I have a user account). I always ran TeamSpeak 2 without problems, just with the ./ts2 -start command or whatever it was..

    Now with TS3 there is no such option? I've searched the forums and only found start scripts that need root etc, and I am no Linux expert.. I do not need a script that starts the server after a reboot or something, the uptime is great and never used anything like that with TS2. I can start the server myself once a year

    When I start the TS3 server now it puts everything into the console, not in the background, so when I close my shell, the server shuts down also, this forces me to leave my PC and shell on/open to keep TS running?

    So in short..
    - TS3 runs fine.
    - No root access for start scripts, just shell access.
    - How can I start the server in the background so I can close my shell?

    Version: 3.0.0-beta11 [Build: 9559]
    Platform: Linux
    Max Clients: 512

    Thanks in advance!
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