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    [Suggestion] profile for notification sounds

    It would be very nice, if we can define sound profiles for the notification tabs and use the profiles for every single server in the fav tab (same as the ident, rec, play dropdown).

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    Henk Zomer Guest

    Server sounds

    You can MOD the sound files your self in
    C:\Program Files\TeamSpeak 3 Client\sound\default
    just replace the sound files with your own sounds making sure to give your sound file the same name as the sound file you are replacing.
    I have done this my self and works well.
    The sounds only will work after shutting down the TS3 program and restarting it. If you edit the sounds while TS is open you will here the old sounds untill you have restarted TS

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    you have missunderstand me. I don't need other/new sounds.
    I need a profile were i can define sounds per server.

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    I had the same idea but with total profile settings per server. Sounds, skin, ...etc:

    When I go to my server I get the first picture.

    Then when I go to my friends I get the second picture.

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