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    TSViewer random connet d-connect.

    Hay all.

    Just upgraded our TS to Version 3, and have to say so far it's brilliant. we have noticed something annoying however, when we upgraded our TS Viewer settings for TS3, for those not in the know, TSViewer is a site that creates code for people to put on their web pages that shows whos online in TS and what channel their in.


    We have noticed that TSViewer now randomly regularly connects and gets kicked(it dont know the password) from the server, and the computer voice reports this each time.

    Is there a way, for us to like add an IP, and then give it a phonetic name, so instead of it spewing out numbers of the IP, it could say, "TsView is checking the server".

    or is there a way to keep the text to speach on but stop it from reporting what random IP's join and disconnect.

    Also. our HOST, some times edits the server, same as above text to speach jsut blurbs out IP data and port, it would be nice if we could list an IP, and then list a given phrase to be said like "Server admins working on the server" instead of "192 point 192 point 192 point 192 colon 56432 has just updated the server"

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    Actually, just noticed, every time some one views the TSViwer code on the site, the TsViewer site connects to see whos online etc.

    I dont recall TS2 having to do this, or TSViewer having to connect to TS2.

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