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    One user is unable to type in the chat dialogue

    I have a mate of mine who downloaded rev 7 of the TS3 client for 32 bit windows.

    On the first day- he was able to text chat just fine, but he tried to connect today and chat with other users on my server, but he gets the client telling him he has an error: insufficient client permissions(failed on b_client_server_textmessage_send(21418/0x53AA))

    he has tried both my server and the Teamspeak Public servers and he gets the exact same error message.

    he is doing a complete uninstall and reinstall now, including the removal of registry keys.

    is there any other suggestions you guys have on fixing this?

    He has just reinstalled and it is doing the same thing

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    Ask him to connect to a server, right-click on his client's name, select Permissions -> Permissions Overview -> Expand the "All" node at the very bottom, set the drop down menu to "show descriptions" and enter "b_client_server_textmessage_send" in the filter input box at the top.

    This will show if/why he lacks this permission.

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