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    Unhappy Misunderstanding or failing? - Permissions

    I've set up a Channel. I've set the needed power for uploads and downloads (inc viewing, folders etc) to 50. I've then set up a channel group. I've set the related powers to 50. Therefore anyone in the channel group can upload to that channel. I added a test user to this group and it works, I am happy.

    But now for the bit I don't understand. If my test user is in the channel i.e. has double clicked on the channel and been assigned to the channel group they are able to upload, download view etc. to all channels on the server. If they switch back to any other channel i.e. get put in the Guest group they are unable to do so.

    Why is my user given permissions across the whole virtual server when in a channel group? Surely a channel group only applies to users when operating on a channel? Not when they are merely in it. This seems completely backward to me.

    Seeing as this doesn't really make sense when read back I'll do a step by step.

    1. Create a new channel
    2. Set needed upload/download power on that channel
    3. Create a channel group
    4. Set upload/download power to equal that set above
    5. On a test user assign them to that channel group within the new channel
    6. On the test user enter the new channel and try file uploading. It should work.
    7. Now enter the default channel. You should enter the guest group. Try uploading a file to either of the channels. It should not work
    8. Now re-enter the new channel. Right click on the *default* channel and upload a file. This should fail. It doesn't. The test user takes on rights across the whole server!

    Hopefully that helps a little.

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    Yes, it is well known that channel permissions affect the whole server and not only actions in the local channel. As far as I can see, this is not a bug, but a (rather annoying) feature.

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    I don't understand. There is no way that this can be described as a feature in any sense of the word. It basically renders Channel Groups pointless and based on what I understand Channel Groups are the only way to specify per channel, group based, permissions.

    I don't fancy having to micro-manage user permissions on a 300+ user server.

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    The "Channel Group" client permissions are overriding the Server Group client permissions.

    I'm staying away from "Channel Groups" as much as possible for just that reason.

    You can have Joe Public walk into the VIP Lounge and all of a sudden he has admin power over the server from inside that room.

    Just put Joe in the ClownBoat Server Group and delete all your channel groups and be done with it.

    It would appear that any of the permission groups even if they have "Channel" in the name are really only client permissions that are applied when the client is in that room. I'm either missing them a long time or surprised at the lack of tweaks you can apply to the channel itself.

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