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    How do i disable filetransfer

    First of all i find the documentation for ATHP really poor.

    The suggestion before Teamspeak 3 was released was to set up different host packages. 1 with no filesharing, 1 with 1 ammount of space and 1 with another.

    Anyway, i cant seem to find anywhere were i can disable filesharing/filetransfer in any of the documentation iv got even before the release.

    anyone know what iv missed out?

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    The easiest, low-level way to disable file transfer from the server side would be to block the file transfer TCP port or to make the "files" directory read-only.

    From within TS3, you could do it the following way:
    Remove all the "grant permissions" from the Server Admin template group (3) and the server admin group (6) under the file transfer node. This keeps those groups from editing the file transfer permissions.

    Next set all the i_ft_XXXX_powers under the file transfer node to -1 and activate "Negate" for those. Remove the i_ft_needed_xxxx_power permissions. Do this for the Server Admin template group (3), the Normal template group (4), the Guest template group (5), the server admin group (6), the normal group (7) and the guest group (8). This will lock all the file transfer powers at a value of -1. All channels have a default "needed_power" of 0, thus nobody has sufficient rights to do something with the file transfer.

    The template server groups will be used as templates when creating a new virtual server, i.e. once you have edited the template groups on your first virtual server, all other newly created virtual servers will use the same set of default permissions.

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