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    ToDo List [On todo?] in the log Shown which Admin unbanned the banned person

    Hello like in the title.

    i would see in the log which Admin unbanned the banned person, i see only banned person... why ?

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    Yes, normally its shown who is banned any by which user.
    Would be nice to see who removed the ban too, maybe in 3.1?

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    yes i would see this option very helpful for ROOT , when some admin unbanned someone but ROOT didint know who did that...

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    Feature: Log all banning/unbanning

    Please add this, if you ban someone, and another admin removes it, there is no logging of who removed the ban(s).
    It should be placed in the server log every time someone is banned, even if that user is offline. Why is it not?

    When the banned user is online, the server log states;
    client disconnected 'Test'(id:1) reason 'invokerid=2 invokername=Peter invokeruid=<ID> reasonmsg bantime=0'
    Now if I remove that ban, it isn't logged.
    Should it not state when the ban is removed and by whom?
    I have banned someone from our server, and someone keeps removing the bans, and shouldn't ban power have some significance too? e.g, my ban power is 100, unless someone has ban remove power of 100, they can not remove or edit my ban I place.
    Just my thoughts.

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    I added this feature request into our ticket system. but it does not mean, that our developers will add this feature.

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