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    Solved [already possible] Hotkey sound volume control

    On the old teamspeak we could hotkey the master volume control which was Great for playing games as I would just use the hotkey to adjust the teamspeak master volume when the game volume changed. For example being in a helicopter was much louder so I would increase the teamspeak master volume then when I got out I would decrease it. I cannot find this in the new teamspeak. is it there or can you please add it??

    tks very much for putting out such a great product.


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    Yes I agree. Good post!
    We have given all our guys this keybinding in TS2. And we would very much like to have it in TS3 along with import/exporting keybindings.

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    Sorry to drag up an old thread but has this been implemented in TS3?

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    Take a look to the HotKey Setup Dialog:
    Settings --> Options --> HotKeys --> "Add Hotkey" button --> (HotKey Seutp Dialog appears) --> "Show advanced options" button --> In "Master Volume" Section you'll find them: Increase/Decrease Master Volume


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    Nice one, cheers for that!

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