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    update beta1->beta12 changed logging output

    hi there,

    i updated ts3 beta1 to beta12 on a debian 32bit root-box by replacong all files in the tar-archive, after stopping the server. restarted it and all works fine except the logging. i have no more log entries when someone connects/disconnects, rights are granted to somebody or a channel is created.

    for now i restored beta1 and hope someone can help me to get the logging in beta12 working as it does under beta1.

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    Just enable it in the virtual server settings (right click on your virtual server).
    Maybe you need the new rights for it, if you still use the old beta 1 database. Just look in the announcement threads of every update to see how this is possible.

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    please send our fileslist: ls -l

    Did you replace all files ?


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