Hi there,

Now, here comes the detail of my first suggestion:
Adding new group behavior
It would be much easier if it would be possible to "copy" a old group in order to create a new one.
Most of the time I want to make just some little changes of a group to create another one. This would save my time and (unnecessary) frustration because I need to add and check all permissions again.

Personal Group Icons
Also it would be great if it would be possible to add icons to each group (like C for ChannelAdmin and S for ServerAdmin) because mostly everyone don't read the userdetails to verify the group of another user if there is no icon. This and the abbility to easily fake nicknames don't make it easy to "mark" someone special.
It should be possible to add words as pictures like "Gamemaster" or "Supporter" which are more wider than hight so it's always resized to fit the hight of the row. Transparency should be included, too

Thanks for your time and keep up the good work!