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    [Suggestion] Sample rates

    hello guys

    I ran into this problem just a few days ago.
    I was trying to run Teamspeak on Windows XP SP3 and was surprised when I recognized I sound like Mickey Mouse .
    As I have a dual-boot solution with Mac OS X and Windows I thought I'd just try it out on my Mac system as well where it works just fine.
    Unfortunately I need to run Windows while using Teamspeak so that solution was not quite appropriate for me.
    I believe this is a simple driver issue (using the ones provided by apple in order to support windows) and that the sample rate used by the card/driver is incorrectly reported to teamspeak.
    So my suggestion is that an "advanced options" menu is added where the user is allowed to explicitly set the sampling rate used by Teamspeak (Even if Teamspeak detects another one).

    Of course this may be a completely wrong asumption and there is something else wrong with the driver used under Windows. (Thinking of that Mac OS X tells me I use "Intel High definition Audio" and Windows tells me it is "IDT High definition Audio CODEC" - using a driver from Sigmatel provided by Apple)

    I will do some more research on this and if I find out something new I'll post it here.

    best regards
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    Well... I tried to do some more research on this stuff but couldn't figure out anything more.
    The only thing worth telling may be that recording sound in Audacity yields the same Mickey Mouse sound (with better quality though) if the sample rate is set to a value below 96kHz. This may sound perfectly logical but running under Mac OS X this is not the case. So I believe Audacity by default either changes the sample rate used to record or just "fakes" it by simply not taking all recorded samples into account.
    This at least shows that there is definitly a driver problem present, but still...
    if you were able to provide a workaround, that would be great!
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