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    Sendtextmessage from Server Query -> Sometimes two chat tabs

    Our homepage sends chat messages to every user on the TS3 server with the newest forum messages. Sometimes the client opens two chat tabs from the serverquery nickname "GF Forum", at the moment I did not know why this occur.

    This commands will be send:
    use 1
    login serveradmin blablub
    clientupdate client_nickname=GF\sForum

    for loop (userid and msg array)
    sendtextmessage targetmode=1 target=<a userid from an array> msg=<a message from an array>
    for loop end

    Using current windows TS3 client (b9 on Windows 7) and server (b12 on Debian 5).

    Someone have an idea? Do I something wrong or is this a bug?

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    December 2009
    I have still this problem with server beta 17 and client beta 13.

    Do someone have an idea?

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