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    what means "iB"?

    maybe its a silly question, but what means "iB"?
    In ts2 the server input and output bandwith is in Bytes/s, but in ts3 its in kiB/s, and the total number of bytes is also in MiB.

    i've no idea what iB, could mean....

    i hope you can help me with that


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    It's the decimal value for kilo , mega , giga, tera.
    Now it's a binary value kibi , mebi , gebi, tebi.

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    What does that mean exactly how do i convert MiB in say terms of Megabyte? Something most of us can comprehend.

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    Well, I am not a specialist on that - but I have seen several UK and German Computer Magazines applying these kibi, mebi etc. expressions.

    I think it makes sense for many people who have (based on common sense) the understanding, that a MEGABYTE = 1000 KILOBYTE. But within IT / Computer terms (or our personal experience grown over centuries ^^) it has been taken for common knowledge that 1MB of course equals 1024kB.

    To give an example: My mom asked me "I bought a laptop with 1GHz - that means it has 1000 MHz - right? So why does the 120GB Hardrive not have 120000MB?" Try to explain that ^^.

    I have read that many people being new to computers and IT, caused and/or encountered problems because of that perception. IMHO, it does not make a difference for experienced (old school ^^) users. However, people bying new to IT or e.g. shops selling hardware benefit from it.

    So - again - I am not THE specialist in that area. Anybody - feel free to correct me or clarify .


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