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    Exclamation [Solved] Web link/shortcut issue when auto connect set up in bookmarks

    Hi all
    after a bit of investigation of why my client could not connect to a TS3 server via a link on a webpage or via a desktop shortcut I believe I have found the answer and a potential bug ??

    Issue arises when you have, via a bookmark in the TS3 client, set the client to auto connect to your preferred server and you attempt to click on a web link or shortcut to another server.

    The client fires up but gets confused as to which server it is being asked to connect to... the default auto connect or the link/shortcut you have just clicked on.
    I tried this with the PlanetTeamspeak public server at
    ts3server:// and could not connect with the auto connect option ticked within the bookmark.
    I removed the auto connect tick and tried again and connected with no issues for both a web link and desktop shortcut.

    See attached client log

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    This is indeed a small bug. Will be reported and fixed.

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    *** Deleted ***
    Someone was much faster.

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    Fixed for beta 10. Bookmark autoconnect is ignored when starting the client via ts3server:// link

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