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    Deny Access to older clients

    As far as I understand older Versions of the client have a bug which can lead to flooding the server with a lot of traffic at the maximum capacity of the clients internet line.

    Even though I ask my users to upgrade the client periodically, some will just not do that and are still on beta1.

    I would like to have a possibility to deny access to clients with a build-number lower than a configurable threshold value.

    It would be even better, if the client could still connect but neither talk nor listen and instead receive a chat message which tells the reason for this and contains a link to to the download page.

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    looks like this feature is not yet implemented yet.

    Please note that if your clients update to beta9, all is well, as there is a auto-update feature from there.

    Best thing i can suggest you do is bother your clients even more, so they at least update to client 9, and if you get 0 response, you lockdown all the right for that client to just the default channel. (without speak permission) and i guess they will update soon enough to get their rights back. (but you have to do this all manually )

    bummer you don't get your clients to update. For me it would be... hey mate update your client, very old it can crash your pc. Naah i won't update = ban for me :P will eventually hear that he updated and gets unbanned :P or you could make it a 15 min ban, reason ancient client, update now or risk being banned forever :P

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