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Thread: Welcome Message

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    Welcome Message

    Could TS be changed so that the welcome message is shown after the automatic subscription to channels?

    This way users are more likely to see the message instead of seeing the last 3/4 subscribed channels.

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    I currently have 15 channels on my TeamSpeak server and as one of several officers in our guild, I am subscribed to them all. The log just fills well past the welcome notice, and so it cannot be read unless you scroll up to see it.

    Several of our guildies like to connect to TeamSpeak and chat with other WoW players while playing different games. Thus, we want to be able to use the Welcome message to convey notifications to these guildies, similar to the Guild Message of the Day within WoW. If the welcome message is printed after all the subscription messages, this would make that task easier.

    Thanks for your hard work!

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    Didn't even realise their was welcome message with the spam of subscribing messages, maybe they should all be removed for login

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    I agree, a simple "Your subscriptions were restored." or "You subscribed to all channels." would be fine and enough. Everyone is able to see which channels were included and which weren't from the icon..

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