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    [Request] DJ Plugin

    How about the following.

    A Plugin that reads the chat window of the room the client is in, and then acts on given commands.

    ATM, I have a box running a client playing Music through our server, in our Music channel, I was thinking if a plugin or script or something could be made to enable commands to be typed into the chat window of the client, and the DJ client reads these and acts.

    Things like.

    /info - display song title

    these commands would if possible interact with windows media player, or some other music playing application.

    ATM, I'm using media player.

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    You can do this with Winamp and this plugin
    You can control Winamp over http and you also can create accounts with different rights. i. e. just skip songs or add songs to playlist.
    But because that is just a Winamp plugin it doesnt support songinfo or something over the TS3 chat.

    You can test it on this TS3 server:
    go to the channel "Piratensender Powerplay" and read the discription. Click the link in the discription to control winamp and skip songs or add songs to playlist (5 per hour).

    It would be nice if someone could code a plugin for Winamp or TS3 which sends infos like songname, artist and so on to the TS3 chat channel in where the user is in.
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    Why not make a server side plugin?

    Running the music player service as a integrated part of TS3 Server.

    Local folder containing the music files. Plus broadcasting the music meta data as channel description or text chat.

    Maybe a client side plugin, to make a interface for the custom TCP queries for the skip, play, stop, rewind... command.

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    I have downloaded winamp
    Can someone explain how to set it up to DJ on ts???

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    it is possible to put a radio in a teamspeak 3 server? how?

    --- Merged ---

    i have one vps and not have mic, need remove
    Speakers/Headphones Disabled
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    if anyone is interested i may be making something similar here

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